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Asia-Europe Seminar on SME Financing Was Held in Guangzhou

2017-10-12 21:39 来源:南方网

On October 11, 2017, “Asia-Europe Seminar on SME Financing”, which is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, and Bank of China, was held in Guangzhou. Zhang Feng, Party Committee Member and Chief Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Chinese ASEM Ambassador Xie Bohua, Yuan Baocheng, Vice-governor of Guangdong Province, and Liu Qiang, Vice-president of Bank of China, attended the Seminar and delivered a speech.

Zhang Feng pointed out in his speech that, SMEs are the pillars of economic development of Asian and European countries, the most dynamic and creative enterprise groups, and also the important force to promote economic growth and market prosperity as well as expand the social employment. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of SMEs, and tries hard to alleviate the financing problems of SMEs by increasing financial support, innovating financial services, expanding financing channels, building a guarantee credit system and releasing a series of policy measures. The Seminar takes “Focusing on Inclusive Finance, Serving SMEs” as the theme, and will discuss on fields like innovating financing products and models, expanding diversified financing channels, and improving the financing service system. China hopes to take the Seminar as a platform to promote the matchmaking of “Belt and Road” Initiative, the EU “Juncker Plan”, “ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan 2025” and other ASEM members’ development strategies, to promote the accommodation of funds, to share the best financing practice of SMEs, and to strengthen policy exchange and coordination.

On behalf of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Yuan Baocheng expressed his sincere welcome to all the guests attending the Seminar. He said that the prospect for the development of Asia-Europe cooperation is very promising, Guangdong will make full use of its advantages like close ties with foreign economy and favorable geographical position to provide Asia and Europe SMEs a more diverse, convenient and efficient financing services so as to accelerate the Asia-Europe SMEs international exchange and cooperation, to speed up the construction of an open new economic system, and to help the development of SMEs in Asia and Europe.

The Seminar attracted a total of 28 guests from China, Italy, Croatia, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, France, Indonesia, and Malaysia to attend and speak. 300 delegates from the government and financial institutions of 23 countries also attended the Seminar.

编辑: 林丽丽

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